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Multi Media Daddy Baby

I was recently a guest on this podcast, Notebook On Cities and Culture. It was a lot of fun to talk about so many different things, from Portland crime, Portlandia, publishing, writing, favorite writers, and more. Take a listen.

And then I was interviewed on the Believer blog with Bryan Coffelt!

But wait–I also wanted to show you this video of me reading at the Hugo House Reading Series a year ago. This was one of the funnest readings I’ve ever done (I’m around the 34-minute mark) and the story I read is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written and will hopefully turn into a novel someday (if I have my way with it). Also–Sherman Alexie!!

In other news, I got some boxes of the newest Future Tense release, Monogamy Songs by Gregory Sherl. It’s officially out in January but I gotta show this baby off now. Future Tense really killed it this year. That’s right–I said it!

Photo on 12-3-12 at 11.19 AM

That’s about all for now. Thanks for listening, watching, reading, doing, making, living…