At the Collage and Illustration pop-up at Outlet PDX, organized by Zachary Schomburg, July 2018. Photo by Evan Clayton Horback.


I’d been doing word collages for a long time but then started–in 2014–using manipulated-by-hand images (from old magazines and books) and became much more serious and passionate about it. I’m still learning and exploring all the time. Like with writing, I’m self-taught, but have been influenced by many contemporary collage artists and friends (see bottom of this page). This page will have links to collages published on websites as well as some unpublished ones. I also have a Tumblr page now, which I sometimes update with new work.

I wrote thirty installments of a collage “column” for The Rumpus in 2014 and 2015. It’s called PAPER TRUMPETS. You can read my interview on HTMLGIANT about it.

I sell some prints and various other things with my collages on them at my Society 6 page.

A book of my collages and poems, I Made an Accident, is now out from Clash Books.

I’ve been making collages for Maggot Brain Magazine recently.

In the early days of COVID, as a response to not being able to gather at galleries in person, I teamed up with collage friend Cheryl Chudyk to start Sharp Hands Gallery, a virtual gallery which features collage works from international artists. We put up a new show three times a year.

In January of 2015, I had my first big solo show at Powell’s called Rookie Season. I made a limited edition zine to go with it. It was chosen as a zine-of-the-month selection by the IPRC that summer.

rookie season

I’ve also had shows at The Waypost, Crema, and Radio Room. In June of 2016, I curated the show, Northwest Collage, at Powell’s. It featured artists Jesse Treece, Cory Peeke, A. M. O’Malley, Kurtiss Lofstrom, Ruth E Fox, Rachel Eaton, Harold McNaron, Nicolette Lind, Lita Kenyon, Jay Berrones, and Evan Clayton Horback.

In November, 2016, I had a show at Rudy’s Barbershop in SE Portland and a show with Jackie Treiber, Karen Wippich, Kevin Cascell, and Greg Hanson at Redux in Portland in February and March of 2018.

In March of 2017, I had a show at Composition Gallery in downtown Portland with Jay Berrones and Christina Gontzes.

In August, 2018, my work was featured on the back wall of Blick Art Supply in downtown Portland, and also in the window the following year.

In 2019, a piece of mine was included in Copyright Bandits, a show at Collapse Gallery in Wenatchee, Washington. In 2022, I had a collage in the Paper Cuts II show, also at Collapse.

In February 2023, I had a collage at the Love is Love show at Plural Collective in Sellwood. And another at Shift Gallery in Seattle in March 2023.

Show FlyerRevise

Besides all that, I hosted an “Open Collage Night”  once a month at the Independent Publishing Resource Center for four years from 2014 to 2018 and it was amazing. I met a lot of collage friends there.

Marigold Sea
Tricky Dick Fish
She'll Kiss You With Her Eyes
New Grammar of French Grammars
New Subversion
9 Crybaby
The Launch
Matador Ali
Katherine's Part
Artist Reflection


Collaboration with Michael Tunk
Collaboration with Michael Tunk

Here are some links to other collage artists that I greatly admire:

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