Non Fiction

Here are some various non-fiction (100% true!) things I have written.

Memoir/Personal Essays

Mushroom Chair [essay plus collages] (Old Pal)

An Empty Icon: On COVID closing Powell’s [March 2020] (Book and Film Globe)

Notes on an Attempted Beard (Split Lip Magazine)

Seeing The Revolution in Concert, Without Prince (Longreads)

An Appreciation of Aimee Mann and Tracey Thorn (Freeform Radio blog)

Unpacking Forty Years of Fandom for a Losing Team (Longreads)

Forever Yesterday: Peering Into My Mom’s Fading Mind (Longreads)

Three Kisses (Tin House)

I Know Who You Raped Last Summer (The Good Men Project)

I’m Jumping Off the Bridge (Salon, and later in Best American Essays 2013)

Riot Boyyy [on writing to Kathleen Hanna] (Jewcy)

The Problem With Comebacks [on The Cars] (The Rumpus)

Snip Tuck [a Vasectomy Gone Wrong] (Portland Mercury)

I Remember [Book Notes for A Common Pornography] (Largehearted Boy)

Pottymouth (Fanzine, and also Best Sex Writing 2012)

I Removed Myself [excerpt from A Common Pornography] (Smith Magazine)

The Superior Format [on selling my cassette collection] (Willamette Week)

I Set My Desk on Fire (Introduction to my guest-edited edition of Spork)

Flash Memoirs (3:AM Magazine)

Book Reviews and Other Types of Articles

Essay on Claire Dederer’s memoir, Love and Trouble (Post Road)

On Padgett Powell’s You and Me (The Oregonian)

On Gordon Lish (The Stranger)

Haiku Interview: Mountain Goats! (Willamette Week)

Down South With the Ghost of Larry Brown (HTMLGIANT via Associated Press)

Summer Reading: On Padgett Powell (L.A. Times)

Short Essay on Lutz, Lipsyte, and Williams (Beatrice)

My Stuff in The Believer

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