Various short fictions (and a few poems) as they have appeared on the Internets

“As it billowed upward, I wondered what was inside of it. I pictured a movie theater, a bowling alley, a dance floor pulsing with strobe lights.” (Short story, [“What’s Inside a Blimp”] in Southwest Review and online) 

“You begin to understand that this is only part of your experience. You have another body somewhere, or actually two other bodies.” (Short story [“You Okay”] in the Dreams issue of Deep Overstock)

“We, Tom and I, use the same number of napkins. The same number of dabs to the same corner of the mouth. We look out the window at the same time. We smile the same way at a toddler in the play area chewing on its own shoe.” (short fiction (“Tom Something”) in Big Muddy)

“Mustache lathers up again. It looks like a rabbit hiding in snow, quivering shyly. It keeps the lather on. It gets on the subway. It goes to work.” (very weird short story at Deluge/Radioactive Moat)

“The air felt suddenly thin in the car. Two friends lightheaded with the freedom to reveal anything. “It’s weird getting older,” Benjamin said.” (short story at Joyland)

“It was a beautiful architectural landmark, that milk carton. I walked by there each morning and the sun rose above it, sending out rays, like God was proud of milk…” (short story at Hobart)

“I wonder if he died in this shirt. Probably not. You don’t pick a black shirt to die in…” (flash fiction at X-R-A-Y Magazine)

“”Kiss me without touching me with your hands,” she said…” (flash fiction + a postcard at Wigleaf)

“One night, the photographer called his wife while I was riding in a taxi with her. She answered the phone and I heard her lie to him about where she was, who she was with…”(short story at The Elephants)

“There are so many things in your phone and on your computer. In a cloud somewhere. Embarrassing things you forgot how to access…” (flash fiction at Tin House)

“I look for the soap in her hand and see it, still pulsing there, sending bubbles up her arm. “What should we do?” I say…” (short short at apt)

“Captain holds a cell phone up to your belly and shines a light on it. The gold fur of your stomach skin comes alive…”  (flash fiction at The Rupture, formerly The Collagist)

“She took me to the back and sat me down/She took her time with me/with the scissors/her buzzing hand” (four poems & a collage on Ohio Edit)

“California is one reason not to commit suicide…” (Two poems on Pouch)

“I wanted her to tell me about her history, her pain, and her faith in whatever…”–Lighter and Brighter (flash fiction on People Holding)

“Unworldy” and “Quietly Awesome” (two poems on Sink Review)

Broke and White (poem on Sixth Finch)

I read a bunch of poems and goofed around with Jay Ponteri on KBOO’s Talking Earth show (Listen! from April 2016)

“These are things that will last forever. We must learn to love them. Somehow, someway…” (Excerpts from This Is Between Us on The Atticus Review)

“The escalator didn’t work. I fell down the stairs in protest…” (from The Atticus Review)

“I am too old to play Jesus Christ in a movie…” (my various poems on Ink Node)

“I’m sorry that my mouth is like quicksand…” (from Word Riot, with audio!)

“One of them believes in the devil. One of them has two cell phones. One of them is from Hawaii…” (from Everyday Genius)

“You remembered how I bought you flowers, how I said I was sorry, how I undressed you like a starving man…” and “We were good at pretending to be one strong couple, not a combination of two weak ones…” (from Spork)

“”That’s the most racist Native American puzzle I’ve ever seen,” he said. The box showed a cluttered cartoony mess of tents and fat Indians dancing to cowhide drums…” (from No News Today)

“The homeless man did a double take when I walked by…” (from The Fanzine)

“I told you that I still loved all my past girlfriends. “How many is that?” you asked…”  and “Our relationship was infected with disappointment. It ate away at us.”  (from Nailed)

“The parachute landed like a whisper on top of him…” (from Wigleaf)

“One of the things about drinking is that it seems to make Allen and Josh and Sarah feel all important. But it makes you feel worthless…” (from Identity Theory)

“One dude deflects a dry biscuit off his rubbery chicken neck and convulses on the ground until his heart stops. Then I go to jail…” (from Fifty-Two Stories)

“”Some people like to fuck cripples,” she snorted…” (from Failbetter)

“He was a pervert torturing himself…” (from Smokelong Quarterly)

“They were close growing up, playing football with the neighborhood kids, making up comedy routines, throwing snowballs at cars in the winter…” (from Night Train)

“He said something that she didn’t quite catch but it sounded like, “I live with my mom.”…” (from Word Riot)

“He heard some unpacking of things and the ketchupy squirt of some lotion.  “Let it out,” she said to him…” (from Juked)

“I will set the box on fire in the parking garage. I will let animals eat and destroy it. I will stop stealing candy bars. I will get some sleep…” (from McSweeney’s)

“Her dress looked like it was made of paper towels…” (from 5_Trope)

“You’re obsessed about cancer. About what causes it, how long you can live with it or suffer through it. About knowing people who have it…” (From Elimae)

“The wrinkles on her elbows are like the circles in a tree stump, telling her age to anyone who knows the formula…” (from Brevity)

“The other day I had to get drunk to save my marriage. My wife forced me. We went to the store and we were ready to fight. She told me to pick a beer…” (from Del Sol Review)

“All those arms, legs, helmets, shoulder pads. All of it squirming all over her and screaming in her ear holes…” (from Eyeshot)

“When she first started working here, Kimberly had an intimate moment with the janitor, reportedly on a desk somewhere, and so we all assumed she knew what his every thought and emotion was…” (from Slouch Magazine)

RIP: Pindeldyboz, Night Train, Lamination Colony, Interrupture, Hart House Review…

Other fictions have appeared in print in these real paper magazine journal things

Paper Darts (Volume 7)

Portland Review (2017 issue)

1001 Journal (2 poems & collages)

Big Big Wednesday


Nano Fiction


Fairy Tale Review Grey Issue




Prism Index

The Ne’er-Do-Well




J&L Illustrated




Clackamas Literary Review

Eye Rhyme


Portland Review


Quick Fiction

And then there are these anthologies!

City of Weird (Portland anthology)

Best American Essays 2013

David Lynch tribute anthology (Lazy Fascist Press)

Get Out of Our Crotch anthology (Bona Fide Books)

Best Sex Writing 2012

C. Mud Luscious Press Stamp Stories

Nouns of Assemblage

Requiem For a Paper Bag

Noise: Fiction Inspired by Sonic Youth


Not Quite What I Was Planning

Homewrecker: An Adultery Anthology

Northwest Edge III

Mountain Man Dance Moves: McSweeney’s Book of Lists

Number One Fan

See You Next Tuesday

The Unmade Bed

Good To Go

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