Various short stories, flash fictions, and a few poems as they have appeared on the Internets

What’s Inside a Blimp [fiction] (Southwest Review) 

Sean [fiction] (Diagram)

You Okay [fiction] (Deep Overstock)

The Helicopter Man [fiction] (Maudlin House)

Mustache and Puss [fiction] (Deluge/Radioactive Moat)

The Stage-Divers [fiction] (Joyland)

In Bloom [fiction] (Hobart)

The Razor [fiction] (X-R-A-Y Magazine)

Jangly [fiction] and Dear Wigleaf [letter] (Wigleaf)

The Photographer’s Wife [fiction] (The Elephants)

Out of Nowhere [fiction] (Tin House)

Soap [fiction] (apt)

Squee [fiction] (The Rupture, formerly The Collagist)

Two Poems (Pouch)

Lighter and Brighter [fiction] (People Holding)

Unworldy and Quietly Awesome [poems] (Sink Review)

Broke and White [poetry] (Sixth Finch)

Reading poems and goofing around with Jay Ponteri on KBOO’s Talking Earth show KBOO Radio

Excerpts from This Is Between Us [fiction] (The Atticus Review)

Fire Sale [fiction] (The Atticus Review)

Various Poems (my Ink Node page)

Two Poems (Everyday Genius)

Gossip and Strip [fiction] (Spork)

No News Today [fiction] (Robert Lopez’s blog)

Same Shirt [poem] (The Fanzine)

Still Love [fiction] and Leavers [fiction] (Nailed)

The Parachute [fiction] (Wigleaf)

Options [fiction] (Identity Theory)

Jailbreak [fiction] (Fifty-Two Stories)

Sharon Calls [fiction] (Failbetter)

True Identity [fiction] (Smokelong Quarterly)

Cold Cream [fiction] (Juked)

In My Humble Opinion [humor] (McSweeney’s)

Various other pieces for the McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Two Fictions (5_Trope)

Personal [fiction] (Del Sol Review)

Dear Virus Alert Sender [humor] (Eyeshot)

RIP to these magazines and links: Pindeldyboz, Night Train, Word Riot, Lamination Colony, Interrupture, Slouch, Keyhole, Brevity, LIT, The Ne’er Do-Well, Ohio Edit, 1001 Journal, Quick Fiction, Sleepingfish, Elimae, Opium, Weekday, Prism Index, Hart House Review, Yeti, Ploplop, Blank Gun Silencer…

Other fictions have appeared in print in these real paper magazine journal things

Paper Darts (Volume 7)

Basic Paper Airplane (#13, The Cassette Issue)

Poetry Northwest

Big Muddy

Portland Review (2017 issue)

Big Big Wednesday


Nano Fiction

Fairy Tale Review Grey Issue





J&L Illustrated


Clackamas Literary Review

Eye Rhyme


And then there are these anthologies!

Alone Together: Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of COVID-19

City of Weird (Portland anthology)

Best American Essays 2013

David Lynch tribute anthology (Lazy Fascist Press)

Get Out of Our Crotch anthology (Bona Fide Books)

Best Sex Writing 2012

C. Mud Luscious Press Stamp Stories

Requiem For a Paper Bag

Noise: Fiction Inspired by Sonic Youth


Not Quite What I Was Planning

Homewrecker: An Adultery Anthology

Northwest Edge III

Mountain Man Dance Moves: McSweeney’s Book of Lists

Number One Fan

The Unmade Bed

Good To Go

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