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This page features my books and what people have said about them. Plus a bunch of interviews I’ve done.

This Is Between Us

Out now from Tin House Books. I am so excited about this.

Order it here or here or at your local bookstore. Thank you!

Adobe Photoshop PDFAlso available as an audio book.

And e-book!

A Common Pornography

A Common Pornography cover

Also available as an Audible audiobook!

Portland Noir

Portland Noir cover

Creamy Bullets

Creamy Bullets cover

Beautiful Blemish

Beautiful Blemish cover

Other Reviews of my work with Future Tense Press

And here’s a list of some of my other book-like creations. Most of these are pretty hard to find. So if you got them, you’re lucky (or maybe unlucky, depending on how you look at it).

Haiku Inferno (w/ Frayn Masters, Elizabeth Miller, and Frank D’Andrea), The Insomniac Reader (editor), Spork 4.3 (guest editor), Invisible Radios: Remixes, Statistics, Jokes, etc., Etiquette For Evil, The Patricia Letters, Haiku You, Head, 13 Girls on Fire, How to Lose Your Mind With the Lights On, Family Val-U Pack (w/ Vince Price), Literary Snobs (w/ Brian Tibbetts), Beautiful Teenagers Unite, Awkword, Acid Dental Work, The Diner Anthology (editor), Magick Time Bomb (w/ Miss Wink Luskin), Poetry Is Dead (editor), Words of the Eternal Con Artist