Want me to read you a story?

A couple of months ago, I went into the fancy Wieden & Kennedy building and recorded some audio tracks in their radio studio. It reminded me of my days as a Spokane radio DJ. Back then I went by two different air names; when I was on the country station (KTRW-AM) I was Kevin Patrick and when I was on the top 40 side (KZZU-FM) I was known as Kevin Anderson. Weird, I know. But I guess I thought people would have a hard time remembering the name Kevin Sampsell.

Anyway, the first part of this recording session is now up at the sensational WK website, on their Story Time show. It’s a story called Gloves (it’s the first story in my book, Beautiful Blemish). I think they did some cool effects on it. What do you think?

And while you’re there, take a listen to the Trinie Dalton episode. She’s great (her book, Wide Eyed, is one of my faves).

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