Talking and Talking and Talking

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the OPB radio show, Think Out Loud. It’s at 9am and the topic of the show is memoir. I’ll be on with Ben Yagoda, whose book, A History of Memoir, has been a big buzz book on the subject. Also on the show is Sarah Hoopes, who has a great blog and has been in the Mortified Portland show a few times. In fact, I was on that show with her twice!

For those not in Oregon, you can live stream it.

In other news, ACP is talked about in these places:

The Next Best Book Blog!

And I was interviewed in Time Out Chicago!

PLUS!! Hey–Did you know it’s Kevin Sampsell Week? Well, it is over at HTMLGiant this week. Lots of fun over there, including an exclusive announcement this Friday about the next two Future Tense releases!!

One response to “Talking and Talking and Talking”

  1. Hey Kevin, I stopped by and saw you gave my review and blog a shout out! You are the best…. You scratch my back, and I scratch yours. (I know how much you like having your back scratched!!!)

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