Random Stuff on a Friday Night

It’s Friday night and I’m home by 10pm. I find myself going out less and less these days. Is this what happens in your 40s? I used to go out and see music all the time but now I rarely go to any event unless it’s a sit down kind of thing (again–40s: What are you doing to me!?). I think the last show I went to was The Mountain Goats a couple months ago (and Joe Pernice right before that). Richard Buckner and Dolorean sometime last year too. That’s not even one show a month. And don’t even ask me about local music. I’m out of the loop there too. But wait! At least I can hear local music on-line or check out CDs from the library. A couple of things I’ve really liked recently are Super XX Man’s CD, “X” (really sweet acousticy pop stuff, reminds me of Reclinerland a little) and the newest M. Ward CD.

There are a couple of shows I’d really like to go to soon though: On the 26th, Holy Sons open up for Scout Niblett at Berbati’s (but this is also the night Sam Lipsyte reads at Powell’s and I suspect we’ll be going somewhere with him to eat some steak), and then on April 22nd, one of my favorite bands of all times, The Wedding Present, returns to Portland. I love these guys, no matter how old they are. As long as they can still jangle their guitars at the speed of light. Just look at these ol’ rascals!

Anyhow–this next week is going to be a busy one! I’m hosting Smallpressapalooza on Monday night at Powell’s. On Tuesday night, I’m reading with an all-star cast for a Haiti Benefit at the Writer’s Dojo.

Wednesday is my birthday and I’m doing my taxes to boot (not to mention bowling with friends that night). On Friday, I’ll be pulling some extra hours at work, helping out with the Chelsea Handler signing. I’m not sure if I like her writing or not (haven’t read it) but I do know she is a big fan of Friday Night Lights, so if I’m at a loss for words around her, I’ll just talk about that. On Saturday, I’m taking Zach to his weekend Search and Rescue outing and then Frayn and I are driving up to Seattle for my reading and small press panel at Pilot Books. Phew! A loaded week. (Stay tuned for the week after that–it’s also a full dance card)

Hey–I saw Green Zone tonight and–like the other Greengrass/Damon movies–it’s a high-powered and intelligent high stakes drama.

Hey–I saw that new Lady Gaga/Beyonce video and it is crrraaazzay! I just wish her music was as weird as her videos.

Speaking of videos, I just discovered that there’s a video of my Boston reading with Justin Taylor on the WGBH site. It was a great event. Watch it here!

And check out the Books & Media page for a few new ACP-related articles, including this great new interview with Jen Michalski.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. It was a great event – I have some photos on my blog – you are welcome to check them out:

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