Quick Update!

Hey folks! It’s been a busy year so far. Here’s what I’ve been doing, past, present, and futuuuuurrrrrre…


The Wedding Dance



Past: Got married, had big party in Portland, kept slowly trudging forward with my novel (hoping to have it done later this year), rewatched Twin Peaks, published Jamie Iredell’s paperback and Myriam Gurba’s chapbook, wrote thank you cards, talked to a couple of classes, worked and worked and worked at Powell’s (because I’m a hard worker), saw great readings by Sister Spit and Lidia Yuknavitch, hung out with Blake Butler and Justin Taylor this past Monday.


Myriam Gurba



Present: Trying to stay on top of my ever-growing stack of books to read  (currently on my first John Fante and the great Michael Bible book), still stapling Myriam’s chapbook, dabbling in poetry because my novel is being pesky, trying to finish an essay about the Cars reunion album, making cookies, and saying sweet stuff to my wife.

Future: This Friday I’m going to see Joe Wenderoth, the author of one of my all-time favorite books, Letters to Wendy’s, doing some readings (see the Events page!), playing Balderdash at a benefit event at the end of the month, going to see Lauren Weedman on May 3rd, judging two different contests in the next month (one for a small press, the other for a University), going to introduce another hero of mine, Dan Clowes, at Powell’s on May 23rd, getting my son ready for his busy summer (he’s getting his driver’s permit, plus doing Americorps!), and probably watching some NBA playoff action.

Okay then. Back to work!

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