NYT! And Doggies!

Hi everyone,

I was really excited to be quoted for the cool bookseller/author story in the New York Times this past weekend. I talked with Miss Sullivan (I call her J-Court) for a good 30 minutes on the phone for this story, and besides my semi-gloomy realist quote, I just want to let you know that I was pretty positive during our talk. Sure, I get an overwhelming sense of irrelevancy wandering around the giant stacks of Powell’s, but mostly I feel inspired and encouraged by my job and my surroundings.

I’m just glad she didn’t quote me about the secret sex room and the drug lounge that is very popular with my fellow employees.

Hey–tonight I’m reading at the Blue Monk for the Smalldoggies reading series. Come on out and say hello. I’m reading with my friends Robin Romm and George Rachel. I’ll be reading more stuff from my novel-in-progress. Another chapter of which, just showed up on the Smalldoggies site.

Robin Romm: awesome writer, cute dog fan

Speaking of work–I gotta go! See you sooooon.

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