Kickstart My Heart!

Helloooo everyone,
Yesterday, I launched a Kickstarter fundraiser for my little press, Future Tense Books! Please check it out here and donate in the next 29 days if you can. Thanks to my co-editor and marketing man, Bryan Coffelt, for the snazzy video (and more will be posted in the coming weeks).

The only other times I’ve gotten outside money for my press was in 2003 and 2008, when I got small grants from Oregon Literary Arts, Inc.
Most of the time I’m just scraping together cash from my bookstore job or from smuggling drugs into Mexico. (Note: I have never been to Mexico or smuggled drugs)
So please donate–I mean the prizes alone are well worth your hard-earned cash! And help spread the word wherever you can. Thank you so much!

One response to “Kickstart My Heart!”

  1. Why would you smuggle drugs into Mexico? Dollar to Peso conversion would leave you with a bum deal.

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