I’m a Busy Man, Man!

That’s what the Atticus Review says anyhow.

Jamie Iredell did a fun interview with me there plus they published a few more excerpts from my novel-in-progress and a bonus fiction called “Fire Sale.”

Oh–and I’m doing a talk at the Wilsonville Library this Sunday afternoon for their Northwest Author Series.

As for today, after being at work all day, I’m now going to make myself a drink, do a little reading (Amelia Gray’s Threats and Mark Leidner’s Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me), and pack up a few more orders for the Chloe Caldwell book that I just published. Maybe I’ll get some writing in there somewhere too.

This Book stretches my head!

Thanks–and have a sweet day!

One response to “I’m a Busy Man, Man!”

  1. Has you gotten the book for many reading? I takes book into bathroom and forgetting where I am. Three hours later I has looked at all the pictures. But I sitting down so long that my bottom gets the hemorrhoid. Thanks you.

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