Back From the South

I recently got back from a week down south. It was a great visit, spending time with my brother Matt in Houston, and also taking a road trip to New Orleans. I got to read with the fine ladies of the Summer Southern Comfort Tour at Domy Books in Houston and the funky cool Mudlark Theater in New Orleans.

On of the best things about the trip was listening to Bluesville on Sirius Satellite Radio. Which makes me want to post this video by the great R.L. Burnside, surrounded by family and filmed by Alan Lomax.

And here are a few other pics from the journey…

Mary Miller and Ryan Call at Gene Morgan’s store, Settlement, in Houston.
Elizabeth Ellen shopping for bling at Settlement.
The storm clouds (flash floods in Houston!) scattered a little as we drove into Louisiana.
New Orleans guest reader and host, Utahna Faith and me…blurry smiles!
New Orleans street art. Behold Sucker!



Cat on a harness leash. French quarter, New Orleans.


Until next time…


One response to “Back From the South”

  1. Me want Behold Bloodsucker.

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