One Week Until The Mayhem That Is LitHop PDX

Next Wednesday night, October 2nd (It’s October already!) I’ll be roaming the streets of upper Hawthorne Boulevard, probably madly texting or walkee-talkeeing with Jeff Alessandrelli about our gangly, awkward, beautiful baby named LitHop PDX.

54 readers (maybe more if you factor in surprises), six venues, three hours. Oh, boy. Check out our site, our FB page, or Twitter page for more info. There will also be a posse of people handing out maps and programs the night of the event.


This is the biggest literary shindig I’ve thrown and it’s going to be fun. And there’s going to be a big after-party at the Eagles Lodge after. I know what you’re thinking: Eagles Lodge?! Well, yeah–apparently it’s one of the hot hangouts these days. Cheap drinks, good music, bingo if you get there at the right time.

Plus, if you’re interested you can see me read at this thing too. I’m the last reader of the Tin House line-up at 9:30pm at Bar of the Gods. If all goes well, I should be pretty relieved and happy by this time of night.

Speaking of happy, here’s a drawing of me by my multi-talented pal, Zachary Schomburg (he’s reading that night too–at 7:15pm). Whenever I hang out with Schommy it’s constant laughs and perma-grinning.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 1.49.16 PM


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