So Many of ME

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately and how I wish there was more of it. Or maybe what’s more likely (with the advancements of science) is that there would be more MEs.


One of me would sit around and read all day (because I have so much to read and I love it all)

One of me would make collages all day (because seriously, collage is my life–in the same way that I thought at eighteen: Dancing is my life!)

One of me would write poems all day (because I have a secret dream of publishing a book of poems someday)

One of me would work on my next novel (because I know that shit’s gonna be good but I can barely get started right now because I’m obsessed with collaging)

One of me would run errands (because Future Tense books need to be mailed, groceries needs bought, oil needs to be changed, magazines for collaging need to be bought)


One of me would have a day of fun with my wife (because there are breakfast places to go to, movies to see, parks to walk through, and couches to snuggle on)

One of me would hang out with my son and do something fun (because I don’t see him much since he moved out and started college and he’s kind of in that phase where he acts like he’s the busy one and doesn’t have time for me!)

One of me would actually spend quality time with friends (because most of the time I just see friends on my lunch break at work and then spent the rest of my “free time” collaging*)

One of me would sit around and relax/recharge and catch up on music (because if there’s anything more overwhelming than all the cool books, movies, and LIFE there is out there, you also have to deal with so much cool music being made every damn week!)

And maybe like three or four more of me would go to all the various literary events that happen on those clusterfuck Portland nights where there is so much to see and do!

*I know there is a lot of references to collaging in this post. I am sorry, but it is my THING right now. I’ve even been sending fan messages to other collagists I’ve discovered. A few of my own collages are going to be appearing soon in some cool places and I’m interviewing one of my favorite collage artists soon too. I also want to take a class on it. And maybe even teach one later this year. Anyone know of any such thing? Here are two of the first ones I’ve done…



Giant stack of words (and a few images) that I use for my collages.
Giant stack of words (and a few images) that I use for my collages.

Also–hey, I have a couple of readings coming up. One on Tuesday at the Soft Show at the Blue Monk in Portland (reading a new short story), and one on Feb 15th at Crush for the Burnt Tongue series (probably stuff from This Is Between Us). Not to mention a special Internet YouTube show you can watch live called The Casserole on Wednesday the 5th at 6:30 Pacific Time. I’ll be on the show (hosted by Chelsea Kurnick) with one of my best poet pals, Emily Kendal Frey. Chelsea said she wanted to pair me with a poet on her show because of how much I gabbed about poetry being an influence on This Is Between Us at my Seattle reading in December. I cannot wait to do this–and you can even send in questions to us during the show.

Thanks, everyone, for your continued enthusiasm about my book and my adventures in words! XO

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  1. I wish there was another me too who could collage all day and wrote fan mail all night and karaoked into the wee hours. That Collage interview sounds awesome! PS. I want to meet emily.

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