Working It!

As the summer slides into fall, I find myself with a plate getting fuller. This post sort of doubles as my to-do list. Haha. Projects I’m working on for the next few months…

Just did final edits and now working on production of the next Future Tense release by Felicity Fenton and her lyric essay chapbook, User Not Found.



After that, going to be publishing the paperback release of Rob Roberge’s memoir, Liar (originally published by Crown). Out in time for AWP.

Getting ready for a number of book fairs: Short Run Seattle (Nov 3rd), Portland Book Festival (Nov 10th), Publication Fair at The Cleaners (Dec 19th), and AWP (March 27-30).

Getting ready for some readings soon too. Oct 27th at Mother Foucault’s w/ Rebecca Brown and Kate Carroll de Gutes, Nov 8th at Rose City Book Pub for Clash Media, Nov 9th at LitCrawl in Portland, and some stuff for AWP next year as well.

Been trying to squeeze in some writing as much as possible. Submitting new work when I can. Right now, I have a couple of flash pieces looking for a home, a longer story I’m not sure what to do with (though it was recently rejected with a personal email–with praise and comments!–from the New Yorker), and an essay about Prince/The Revolution I hope will land somewhere soon.

A couple of things recently published: A longer story on Joyland. This reprinted essay on the Freeform Radio blog about Til Tuesday and Everything But the Girl. And if you see the new issue of Post Road in your fave bookstore, pick it up. My essay on Claire Dederer’s memoir is in that.

Collage-wise, I’m still making stuff and I’m currently working on a couple of movie-related things, including a commissioned job for a movie poster.

Thanks, everyone, for reading, and for being a friend. xo

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