Late Summer Somethings

I’m doing some late summer road tripping–along with my friend Jeff Alessandrelli, whose new book, And Yet, is out now from Pank Books. Here’s where I’m going (check back for updates)…

Friday, September 16th (7pm): Denver (with Jeff Alessandrelli, Jeff Alessandrelli, Natalie Earnhart, HR Hegnauer, and Nazli Koca at Evans School, 1115 Acoma Street, Room 111 [Joshua Ware’s studio])

Sunday, September 18th (afternoon event: 1pm) : Wichita (with Jeff Alessandrelli at Watermark Books)

Monday, September 19th (7pm): Omaha (with Jeff Alessandrelli and Emily Borgmann at Dundee Book Company, 4915 Underwood Avenue)

Wednesday, September 21st (6pm): Lawrence, KS (reading and collage-making event at the Wonder Gallery, with Marty Hillard)

Friday, September 23rd (8pm): Nashville (at Nashville Poetry Library, with Malaka Gharib and Simba Alik)

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