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East Coast Regrets

Like any author who tours for a book, I realize now that I did not do a few important things while I was out in New York and Baltimore last week. Here is a list of my regrets.

  • I regret not getting a T-shirt from BookCourt or Word (or McNally Jackson–a store that carries Future Tense titles and therefore gets extra love and admiration from me). I was at The Strand on my last day there and thought about getting a T-shirt from there, but I prefer the other stores much more.
  • I regret not having another “cronut” at Crumbs (The famous croissant doughnut hybrid. I guess they call them “Crumbnuts”).
All the cupcakes looked pretty damn good too.

All the cupcakes looked pretty damn good too.

  • I regret not getting a 2nd slice of pizza at My Little Pizzeria in Brooklyn before my BookCourt reading.
  • I regret not taking pics with some of my friends like Sean H. Doyle, Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Joseph Riippi, Chelsea Hodson, Jason Diamond, Julia Fierro, Marc Odo, Beth Lisick, David Moscovich, and Leah Umansky.
  • I regret not checking out more of the grungy side of New York.
The New York Cup & Saucer is pretty different from the Portland Cup & Saucer.

The New York Cup & Saucer is pretty different from the Portland Cup & Saucer.

  • I regret not bringing home some UTZ Cheese Curls. I tasted some of these goodies after my reading there and was instantly addicted. Kind of like Cheetos, yes, but with a seemingly sharper cheddar taste.


  • I regret not seeking out some Old Bay, which is “a Baltimore thing” I was told. I was also told that it’s tied for first (with John Waters’s mustache) for the best thing from Baltimore.


  • I regret not bringing a razor to shave with. I probably looked like a hobo  by the end of my trip.
  • I regret not spending more time in Baltimore.
Sharing cell phone cat photos with Adam Robinson, Amy McDaniel, and Michael Kimball (out of frame).

Sharing cell phone cat photos with Adam Robinson, Amy McDaniel, and Michael Kimball (out of frame).

  • I regret not doing Karaoke with Adam Robinson and Amy McDaniel.

I guess there’s always next time.

East Coast photo album!

Hello March! Now that the majority of my touring is over, I can relax at home and (hopefully) do some more writing and blogging.

While in New York and Baltimore two weeks ago, Frayn was able to snap some cool pics. My favorites are the ones taken at Adam Robinson’s apartment. Mr. Robinson, as you may know, is a gifted (yes, gifted!) poet, publisher of Publishing Genius Press, and now the host of “Culinary Genius,” a uh, cooking show that um, takes place in Adam’s, um, beautif–err, minimalist-style kitchen. I bet these photos really make you want to see the show, huh?

That’s Joseph Young, author of Easter Rabbit, on the flipcam and Frayn in the mirror. We’re making chicken bacon feta spinach salad.

And here’s Michael Kimball, who hosted my Baltimore event with Jen Michalski, on the other flipcam (yes, this was a two camera production).

I like how Adam is like a headless blur in this photo. It’s like we’re in a Sub Pop band or something.

And then we ate.

But we only had a few minutes before we had to take off for the reading…

In New York, I had two great readings–one at the In the Flesh series…

…and the other at Word in Brooklyn. I was joined by Justin Taylor at both, whose great story collection was recently raved about in the New York Times. We share a publisher and editor. Here he is, the young mastermind, Michael Signorelli, introducing us.

Here’s Mr. Taylor

Earlier that day, we visited him at the HarperCollins offices (conveniently right next to our hotel). We saw this great display of books in the lobby.

And here’s a staged photo of Sig and I pretending to edit something. Or maybe we’re arguing about royalties…

It was a great time. Thanks to everyone who came out.

In the Flesh at Happy Ending

I just got back from a great four readings in four nights trip to the East Coast. I’ll be posting some photos from these nights–all great fun and very special–very soon, thanks to my lovely camera-ready fiance.

I was lucky to read with the fabulous Justin Taylor at the first three of these: Harvard Bookstore in Boston, In the Flesh reading in New York (see above video!!), and Word Bookstore in Brooklyn. I wrapped up my journeys with an outstanding night in Baltimore, at Michael Kimball’s 510 Reading Series.

Some other highlights from the trip:

Having a cool hotel room right next to HarperCollins in Manhattan and discovering a place called Crumbs just around the corner.

Getting interviewed for an upcoming episode of The Bat Segundo Show!

Filming the first episode of Culinary Genius with Publishing Genius’s Adam Robinson in his tiny Baltimore kitchen. I think it will turn out chaotic, hilarious, and hopefully entertaining.

Getting lost on the trains in Boston, which is a really cool city.

Getting a super sweet 5-star review in Time Out New York.

Doing backflips on hotel beds while Frayn rates my style and technique.

This coming weekend–Chicago and Ann Arbor!

And photos real soon.