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Stocking Stuffing

I’m back from the east coast and hunkering down in the Portland chill for the rest of the year. My touring time was great. I always hear authors complain about book tours and how they don’t like them, but I love it. I don’t get a chance to travel much, so touring gives me a chance to see friends from all over the place in their own environments. Thanks to everyone who came out to see me, hung out, gave me subway directions, showed me their cat pics, and had me sign their books!

I have a few copies of This Is Between Us left in my personal possession and I would love to send them to you, signed, for your gift giving needs. Just Paypal me $15 by Monday, December 16th, 9am Pacific time, and I’ll get them into the mail to you (or I could even send it straight to whoever you’re giving it to). kevin@futuretensebooks.com

I love signing this book because the title page sort of looks like I wrote out the whole thing and I can doodle around the words, like so…

20131209_101840So if you want to give the gift of TIBU (the gift that keeps on giving!), there you go (let me know if you’d like me to inscribe something specific).

Also, if you order any Future Tense books by next Monday, I’ll make sure they get out to you as well. The new Lutz and Iredell books and the Scout Books trio are all highly recommended! Thanks, everyone. Now go heat up some nog!

Tour Action, part one

The first part of my February book touring is done. Thanks to everyone who came out to the events in San Francisco (@ Books Inc and at the Rumpus) and Los Angeles (Skylight Books). I really need to start taking photos. Tuesday night in L.A. was especially pic-worthy, as I met a bunch of great people for the first time, like Matty Byloos, Conrad Romo, Ken Baumann, Nick Antosca, Sabra Embury, and Ned Vizzini. Earlier in the day, I also stopped by Book Soup and signed their copies too, thanks to the escorted kindness of Joe O’Brien. And special thanks to the Joel McHale family unit for letting us stay with them while in the fancy part of L.A.

The previous night in San Francisco was also one to remember, with Stephen Elliott hosting a great line-up for his Rumpus reading at the Makeout Room. I got to read with Daniel Handler but for some reason never had a chance to actually meet him. Drats! He read a really part from a book-in-progress, hilariously titled “Why We Broke Up.”

The piece I read at the Rumpus was Cruising, the chapter about my first sexual experience. Coincidentally, I also recorded that chapter at KQED earlier in the day for their show/podcast, The Writer’s Block. I say the F-word in it but the radio folks said that it was okay. I guess they have a good bleeping machine or something. I’ll let you know when that goes up to listen to it.

I also want to say thanks to Books Inc who hosted me last Thursday in San Francisco as well. I signed all the left-over books there as well as the following places I stopped in: City Lights, Booksmith, Dog Eared, and even a Borders downtown.

Thanks also to other SF folks like Matthew “Hattie” Hein, who let Barb and I stay with him and his wife for three nights, Chelsea Martin, Joshua Mohr, Beth Lisick, and Josh & Susan Citrak.

Now, I’m home for a couple of days before hitting Seattle this Friday night for a reading at Elliott Bay. I hope to see a bunch of friends at that event as well. And then the east coast!!

And hey–there’s some new stuff to see, like this interview on powells.com and this review at the Pacific Northwest Inlander.

More updates–and yes, hopefully photos!–next week.