Kolaj Fest Was Hot!

I went to New Orleans last month and participated in the first ever Kolaj Fest, organized by Ric Kasini Kadour and Christopher Byrne of Kolaj Magazine. The whole festival gathered almost 200 artists from around the world and offered talks, demos, parties, gallery walks, and a collage making space (run by me and my friend Jay Berrones). On top of all the collage activities, there were of course many hours of enjoying the New Orleans party vibe and historic neighborhoods. And though it was hot and humid as heck, all the venues (Cafe Istanbul, Antenna Gallery, Artisan Bar, etc.) were stone cold cool and it seems as if the general consensus among the festival-goers is that they will gladly be back for future Kolaj Fests.

Here are a bunch of photos from the four days of fun. A few awesome people I enjoyed spending time with but didn’t get photos of: Andrea Burgay, Nikola Janevski, Kike Congrains (from Peru!), Marlies Oakley (from Australia!), Alex Hood, John Hundt, Janina Anderson, Lybra Ray, Charles Wilkin, Clive Knights, Beth Guipe Hall, Baleigh Ann Kuhar, and Chelsea Dean. Also, big thanks to Laurie Kanyer, who put a lot of love and energy into this event…

At the collage making space, there were many collage all-stars at work. This is a beauty-in-progress by Ben DiNino. https://www.bendinino.com/
Janice McDonald lead a workshop on the first day. http://www.janicemcdonald.com/
New Portland pal Arthur Franklin (of Milk Bandits) and former Portlander (now Mexico City resident) Jay Berrones made the nights out wild and amazing.
The Kolaj Fest show at Antenna Gallery featured this amazing walls of Zach Collins collaborations. http://www.zachcollinsart.com/
#squad  (w/ Ric Kasini Kadour, Mighty Joe Castro, and Morgan Jesse Lappin)  http://mightyjoecastro.com/   http://www.morganlappin.com/


My collage, Savior, was at Antenna Gallery (next to a beautiful Aaron Beebe piece here)   https://www.antenna.works/flat-file-new-work-in-collage/
Seeing Danielle Krysa (The Jealous Curator) was one of the big highlights of the festival. So funny. So inspiring.   http://www.krysa.com/danielle/
The night Jay almost jumped in the Mississippi. Good thing Aaron Beebe talked him down.
Tourist photo with Ignatius J. Reilly.
A Collaboration with Chris Kurts! https://www.instagram.com/hugslice/ 
The amazing Allan Bealy multi-tasks at the collage making space.  http://allanbealy.blogspot.com/
The last day featured a collage swap of art made at the festival
My contribution to the collage swap, which was snagged by Daniel Lynds.  http://daniellynds.com/
Two of the collage GOATS: Aaron Beebe and Zach Collins  http://aaronbeebecollage.com/
It was great to meet Seattle artist Cheryl Chudyk (Stitch Pixie). She joined Arthur and a bunch of us for breakfast on the final day.   https://www.instagram.com/stitchpixie/


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