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Collage Summer Heats Up

Every time someone asks me what’s been going on, I usually shrug and say, oh, more of the same. Or something like that. I think it’s about time I just fess up: I’m busy as f$ck!
I go to work and then I come home and “go to work” again, until way past my bedtime. I thought July and August were like vacation months. Times to lay out in the sun or on the beach. Sadly, it doesn’t work out that way. Besides the recent Future Tense/Scout Book releases, me and team Future Tense (Bryan, Tina, Mareika, and Ariana) were working hard on getting Wendy C. Ortiz’s memoir, Excavation, out into the world. I’m expecting boxes of the paperback in the next day and then we’ll FLOOD THE WORLD with them! Watch out!
Besides all that, it’s been collage madness over here. And I’ve got a bunch of things coming up. Here we go…

1. I’m doing a collage slide show at the Entertainment For People show this Friday night, July 18th at Disjecta. It’s kind of hard to describe what exactly this entails. I think back to the time I saw Crispin Glover do his “Big Slide Show” and I feel like that’s sort of the vibe I’m going for. A visual roller coaster of weirdness, beauty, and precision cutting! Also there will also be awesome folks like Laura Gibson, Arthur Btradford, B Frayn Masters, and host Dan Kennedy.

2. Starting on August 5th, some of my collages will be part of the show, Sex From Scratch, at the Waypost in Portland. The other artists will be Molly Schaeffer and Natalie Nourigat, who illustrated Sarah Mirk’s awesome new book, Sex From Scratch. I just recently bought my first frames for some of my more sex-y, relationship-y collages. I’m so excited about this being my first art show. On Tuesday, August 5th, Sarah and I will be hanging out there and maybe selling art, books, and other things from 7:30-9pm.
art show banner

3. Just two nights after that, on Thursday, August 7th, I’ll be joining forces with A.M. O’Malley and the Independent Publishing Resource Center to kick off a new once-a-month Open Collage Night. This means you can come hang out at the IPRC and make collages with me, A.M., and whoever else wants to show up and cut and paste for a few hours. There will be some scissors and old magazines and books to cut the heck out of, but you’re encouraged to bring your own stuff too. Go ahead and bring some beer or other refreshments as well.

4. Besides all this, I’m continuing with my collage column, Paper Trumpets, on The Rumpus. Next ones posting on July 23rd and August 6th. Stay tuned to that.

5. I recently signed up with a retail partner and will be selling some collage prints and other collage-centric products soon. Like Andy Warhol’s factory, I’m planning to take over the art world like a mofo, or at least sell a few postcards and T-shirts. More (less vague) info on this adventure soon!

Cougar Cave, June 2014

Cougar Cave, June 2014

Sampsell VS Gandhi!

Hey y’all, the Entertainment For People show at The Woods was awesome. Laura Gibson’s playing and singing on my stories, The Soul Singer (a new story!) and Control (a reworked version of Safety from Beautiful Blemish) were nuanced, beautiful, and haunting. I hope to see a good crowd at Seattle’s show. You can see other awesome folks like B. Frayn Masters and Jason Rouse (doing a sketch AND showing a film), Jose Bold (cool music/film performance), Jimmy Radosta (funny storyteller), Dan Kennedy (superhost) and more!


In the meantime, I wanted to share this awesome photo from the Street Librarian web site! Thanks to Laura Moulton for creating this cool new thing. I hope this guy likes ACP better. Hahaha.

Street Library patron Adam and his current reading stack


The Laura Gibson Connection

I’m excited to reveal that the secret musical guest that will accompany me at the Entertainment For People shows this Wednesday (Portland) and Friday (Seattle) is Laura Gibson. The acclaimed and beloved Portland singer-songwriter has released music through Hush and has played shows with The Decemberists, Rocky Votolato, and Sean Lennon!

Laura Gibson: Angelic Songstress

We’re going to try and record it somehow (audio and/or video), but if you really want to experience this, you should go to the show (which also features B. Frayn Masters & Jason Rouse, Emmett Montgomery, Jimmy Radosta, and host Dan Kennedy of The Moth!).

I’ll be reading two stories with Laura at these shows, including a new story called The Soul Singer. Hope to see you there!


Dudes I Love

Sometimes I got to celebrate the dudes I love and a couple of them are coming to Portland town soon. Check it out:

1. Tom Franklin

Tom and his foxy wife, Beth Ann Fennelly

Last summer, when B and I went on our Southern voyage, we stayed in the awesome guest house of Tom and his wife (the great poet, Beth Ann Fennelly) in Oxford, Mississippi–for two nights! It was one of the highlights of the trip. I’ve loved Tom’s writing since his debut story collection, Poachers. He has put out some other beauties since then and his newest, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, is a stunner. He’s reading on Tuesday, June 14th at the Powell’s at Cedar Hills. It’s gonna be good.

2. Davy Rothbart

Davy hangs out with star all the time. Here he is with "Hurt Locker" star, Jeremy Renner

I’ve been pals with the Found Magazine boss since he came into Powell’s several years ago and dropped off a copy of his then self-published story collection, The Lone Surfer of Manhattan, Kansas. I see him every time he comes to town now because the dude is so entertaining and awesome! He once told me that he gave his dad a copy of the first edition of A Common Pornography when his dad wanted advice on writing about his life. That, my friends, is sweet. Also, he published a story of mine in the Found fiction anthology. (I published two of Davy’s stories–one in The Insomniac Reader and this one in the Spork that I guest-edited.)

He’s in town on Wednesday, June 15th, to talk about the documentary movie about his love life, My Heart Is An Idiot. It was created by another cool-as-hell sweetheart of a man, David Meiklejohn. This will most likely sell out, so get your tickets fast.

3. Dan Kennedy

DK: Nice hair and a tasty drink

Like many folks, I discovered Dan Kennedy through his awesome writing that would appear on the McSweeney’s web site back in the early days of Dave Eggers empire. He’s had a couple of awesome humorous memoirs published since then and has been to Portland a few times to read from them.

He’ll be here, at The Woods, on Wednesday, June 22nd to host the next Entertainment For People, which I will also be reading at (with a special secret musical accompaniment)! We’ll also be doing the show in Seattle on Friday the 24th. DK is a genius of the deadpan and his writing shows up in all sorts of big-shot places now, like GQ and also on The Moth. Don’t miss this show!

Thus ends this episode of Dudes I Love. Thank you.

The Gray Shadow

Hey friends,

What’s been going on? I’ve had a couple of things pop up recently and I wanted to share them with you, but first–a few serious words about facial hair…

I stay fairly clean cut. I shave every other day usually. If I don’t, the grayness of my stubble threatens to overshadow my face in (what I think is) an unflattering way. But the other day, I let three whole days go by without shaving. When I saw my friend Riley at the store he was like, “Whoa! Hey, that looks cool.” 

I trust he was being honest, but still–I feel self-conscious about my “gray shadow.” What do you think?

I keep expecting some former football player to come up to me with that Just For Men darkening gel and say, “Your beard is weird.”

I don’t think I’d ever use that stuff, you know, but I’ve wondered if it would work or if I would look like that weird pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

So, unless people tell me they want to see more of my gray shadow, I’ll be doing this on a regular basis…

Anyway, now you know what I obsess over when I’m having writer’s block (which I’ve had for the last month or so).

But before I had writer’s block (or “writer’s blah”) I did write a few things that recently popped up. Check them out. A piece of reportage for Robert Lopez’s No News Today and some fresh word collage action at the great new Unshod Quills web site.

In other news, I’m part of the advisory board for this exciting new small press community called The Lit Pub. They have good taste and the books they’ll be talking about here are going to be ones you’ll remember and love.

In upcoming event news, I’ll be part of the awesome Mortified shows happening Thursday and Friday night at the Mission Theater. If you haven’t been to one of these shows (in Portland or another city), they are a lot of fun.

Later this month, I’ll be teaming up with one of my favorite Portland musicians and reading two musical narratives at Entertainment For People at the Woods (can’t tell you who this “secret guest” is just yet because she has another show that week). Catch this rare collaboration on June 22nd in Portland and then June 24th in Seattle at Theater Off Jackson (two shows, two cities!).

I wanted to end this post with a photo that I took last year when B. Frayn and I were down in Houston. I just randomly found it still on my phone.

Thanks for riding by.