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The Beauty of Passing Through

Oh wow. It’s like I had a summer vacation or something (yeah, right).

But some cool stuff has been happening and I’m here to update!

I have a new story in the City of Weird anthology! It’s a book that’s been haunting lots of Portland bookshelves lately (it’s a bestseller at Powell’s). In a book full of scary tales and weirdness, my story is about riding public transit in Portland. Thanks, Gigi Little! Boo!


I’ll be reading my story at Lit Crawl this Friday the 4th. It’s also Wordstock this weekend and I’ll be roaming around there a lot to see friends and look at books.

I have a show of mostly new collages up at Rudy’s Barbershop on SE Division in Portland. It’s called The Beauty of Passing Through. I’m really pleased with it. Many of the pieces were made just in the last month inside the “Collage Garage,” the art studio in the backyard of my new home in Northeast Portland. It’s a space I share with fellow collage artist Kurtiss Lofstrom. We’re thinking about opening it up for shows and events sometime in 2017. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I hope you’ll come to the reception of my Rudy’s show on November 17th.

Colorblind Child, collage, 2016

Colorblind Child, collage, 2016

I’ll also be in Los Angeles this month! You know I love L.A. and all my peoples there. I’ll be at the book release party on November 19th for Meredith Alling’s debut, Sing the Song, which I’m publishing on Future Tense. So pumped for this book! Always exciting to find daring new writers and help them get their genius out in the world.

from Future Tense Books

from Future Tense Books

What else?

I was on the Go Away, I’m Reading podcast and we talked for so long it became a two-parter

I haven’t been working on my next novel as much as I want to this year but I am working on other writing, including essays on anxiety and sports…

I collaborated with Siel Ju on this great illustrated story for 7×7 called Vaseline

My poem “Anti-Extinct” is now available as a tote bag (and T-shirt) from Backwords Press…

I voted for Hillary

I’ve been reading a lot (often too many books at once!). My faves this year have been by Ottessa Moshfegh, Rob Roberge, Melissa Broder, Mary Ruefle, Jon-Michael Frank, and Chelsea Martin

and like so many other folks, I have been listening to Angel Olsen.

Eating Paste and Sniffing Glue

Hey. Happy Fall!

I have a new collage show up at Radio Room in Portland right now. It’s up until Nov 25th. Come hang out and say hi at my “Paste Eater” reception on Tuesday, Nov 3rd. I worked really hard just in the past couple of weeks on this show. I stayed up until 4am two nights in a row this past week to make sure I had lot of fresh, new pieces to show. Even Simba helped.


Gratuitous shot of Simba’s manx tail.


I suddenly have a few other collage things in the coming days as well. I’m teaching a collage workshop at this year’s Wordstock at the Portland Art Museum on Saturday, November 7th. And then there’s always the Open Collage Night at the IPRC (every 2nd Wednesday of the month)–so much fun!

"Shirley" from Paste Eater, at Radio Room, November 2015

“Shirley” from Paste Eater, at Radio Room, November 2015

In writing news, I’ve been taking a novel writing class the past several weeks (you can take it too!). Which means I’m back into a writing groove as well. I’m very excited about the book I’m working on and can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I’m only about 1/4 of the way through right now though, so it may be a while.

In the meantime, I have two poems in the new issue of Pouch Magazine! And I wrote a piece in the new Poets & Writers Magazine about Andrew Proctor at Literary Arts Inc.

Thanks for checking in, friends. Hope to see you soon! xo

In the Shiny Red Chair


Wordstock, Portland’s huge yearly literary festival, recently announced that I’m their guest curator for this year’s festival (October 3rd-6th). I’ve always been a fan of the festival, so I’m excited to be a part of the planning process this time around.

I’m working closely with an awesome duo there–Sara Guest and Jeff Alessandrelli–and we’ve already made a few changes. We’ve invited many many more small press writers* this year. We’re organizing Portland’s first bar crawl literary monster, LitHop. We’re going to test out a fun and daring new tabling scheme for people who couldn’t usually afford to pay for a whole table (it’s going to be called Squatters Row). And we’re gonna have more panels that address hot topics like ebooks, audio books, and print-on-demand technology.

Some of this is still in the planning stages, so more solid info is still to come.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at kevin.sampsell@bewordstock.org

Thank you!!

*some of the small press stars already confirmed for this year include Mike Young, Jamie Iredell, Chelsea Martin, Noah Cicero, Derrick Brown, Beth Lisick, Leni Zumas, and more tba. And of course, there will be the usual roster of hot-shot famous people too.


Weekday! And Weekend!

Hi Friends!

I have two little fictions in the new issue of WEEKDAY, the cool journal printed right in front of your eyes at the Publication Studios in Portland, Oregon. This issue (their third) even has a cool embossed border and title printed on it. Editor Patricia No told me they were going for something extra fancy with this one.

WEEKDAY #3, with fancy orange embossing!

This issue also includes Travis Jeppesen, Robin Cameron, another Kevin (Champoux–which is a cooler last name than mine), and an interview with Jonathan Lethem. My pieces are called “Eight Legs” and “Seed.” There’s an interesting thing on their website where you can read and make notes on the stories. Give it a try. Go ahead. I won’t look.

Other stuff…

Well, I finished my novel and now I’m officially shopping it. As you might know, it’s called This Is Between Us (read parts of it here and here), and I’m really excited about it, even if I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to describe it or if it’s even “commercial” or “a novel.” I’ll keep you updated. If someone buys it, you’ll be the first to know. Wish me luck (or send me a message if you want more info about it/are an editor at a big publishing house with deep pockets).

In fact I’ll be reading some parts of it at Wordstock this weekend. I’m reading with Chloe Caldwell, who is not only an awesome writer but also a brand new Portlander and one of my best friends. We’ve got a good plan for our reading and I can tell you that we’re not going to hold back on the sizzle!

If you can’t catch our reading, you’ll probably see me walking around on Saturday (probably going to check out Lidia Yuknavitch and Jon Raymond at 2:00) and then I’m also working in the Powell’s area on Sunday before my reading. It shouldn’t be hard to mark me off of your Tin House bingo card. Hahaha.

Thanks for reading everyone. Talk to you soon!

Oh–and mark your calendars for October 26th. I’ll be hosting Booty Call #8, this time with Sarah Mirk, at The Blue Monk. It’s going to be great (with Paula Bomer, Michael Heald, and Nancy Rommelmann reading dirty stories).

Miss Mirk

Until next time,


Booty Call’s Triumphant Orgasmic Return!

You know how you go to readings sometimes and it’s kind of boring and then someone reads something about hot horny sex and you’re like, Hey–this just got more fun! Well, that was one of the reasons I started doing Booty Call readings way back in 2002. I wanted to curate an evening where four chosen writers would ONLY read their smuttiest, dirtiest, funniest, and craziest stuff.

Booty Call was sort of a yearly thing for a while and they’ve been held at Disjecta, Plan B, and now The Blue Monk. The first one was held at a church! Some of the readers have been Viva Las Vegas, Wm. Steven Humphrey, Zach Plague, Jodi Darby, Zoe Trope, Shanna Germain, Riley Michael Parker, Lidia Yuknavitch, and poet Casey Kwang.

It’s been about three years since the last one and I even have people that always ask me, When’s the next Booty Call?

The answer is finally here. This Friday night at the Blue Monk, I will again be hosting (with my sexy wife, B. Frayn Masters) this long-awaited night of hot, dirty action.

poster by Fiona Bruce

Just look at that line-up! Not only are these people talented, but they may be the sexiest people you’ll ever see. EVER!

This, of course, will be the best way to get ready for the awesome Wordstock weekend. And if you’re at Wordstock and want to find me, I’ll probably be wandering around for a while Saturday and maybe working at the Powell’s booth on Sunday. Also, there will be some Future Tense books available to purchase at the Reading Local table. Stop by there and say hi to Gabe, the man in charge of that.

I hope to see you somewhere this weekend. It’s gonna be a festive and fun one.