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Goodbye 2016

It’s almost over, folks. The nightmare that was 2016 is coming to a halt. Sure, there were a few good things but let’s be real–society and the world lost its shit.

But let’s try to spin back to some good stuff. A few things I feel good about lately…

I talked about some of my fave books of the year for this Portland Mercury roundup.

I also talked about hyping the new Mary Ruefle beauty at Publishers Weekly.

This book by one of my new favorite writers (you’ll be hearing about her more in 2017 for sure).

Joe Bonomo finds some sweet nostalgia in A Common Pornography and Bruce Springsteen’s memoir. 

This cool new book about collage.

Fear No Lit asked me to make a collage with this weird stock photo and Jamie Mortara wrote an awesome poem to go with it.

The beautiful movie Moonlight.

A new season of Nashville!!

I’m keeping busy with more Future Tense releases–the Meredith Alling books is fresh out the oven and Gary Lutz is coming SOON!

Okay, folks. Let’s catch up again soon. Hopefully after all this cold and gloom goes away.



A Few Steps Closer

Friends! An update on the novel. It’s coming out in November! I finished the copy edits recently (about 14 hours of work–made me realize I still have a few things to learn) and my editor (Hi, Masie!) and I have been receiving some ultra-sweet blurbs from beautiful folks like Jillian Lauren, Patrick deWitt, Davy Rothbart, Lidia Yuknavitch, Amelia Gray, and Jess Walter.

You can see info about it on Goodreads already.

Go add it to your “to-read” list.

Next up, Tin House will print up some review copies and give them to some folks at Book Expo (May 29th-June 2nd) in New York. I will also be there! In fact, I’ll be doing a reading on June 1st while I’m there. More details to come on that. My friend Polly Bresnick is setting up something killer.

Here’s what the review copies will look like…


What have I been reading lately?

The amazing new Nick Flynn memoir, The Reenactments, the strange short stories of I Want to Show You More by Jamie Quatro, the new Future Tense Scout Book series 😉 and The Stud Book by Monica Drake.

What I can’t wait to read next:

TAMPA by Alissa Nutting and Big Ray by Michael Kimball.

And what I’m watching:

I thought The Place Beyond the Pines was ambitious and awesome.

The addictive and delicious TV show, Nashville.

I will be at the retrospective of my friend Vanessa Renwick’s films. (I talked about her recently on this blog for Oregon Movies, A to Z).

And I missed it the first time around, but I hope to see Brian Lindstrom’s powerful documentary, Alien Boy, asap!

Scarlett and Gunnar = <3

Nashville’s Scarlett and Gunnar = ❤